• Rack Assembly: 
  1. Use the screws and cap nuts to assemble the rack at all the four corners with the spanner (provided in the package). Refer Fig 1. and Fig. 2 for the placement of panels relative to one another.
  1. Referring to Fig 1., ensure that the Side Panel Handle are facing outside and are towards the top side of the rack.
  1. Ensure that the holes for the rack are on the top side of the rack.
  • Skewer placement on Rack during cooking:
  1. Spray non-stick coating on all the skewers. Impale desired food on to all the skewers.
  1. Referring to Fig. 1, start by placing Skewer A on the rack. Insert pointed end of the skewer in the left most hole of the Rear Panel of the rack.
  1. Referring Fig. 2, insert the other end of the Skewer A through the slot on the Front Panel with Shoulder and Lever on either side of the Front Panel. Turn anti-clockwise until the Lever in placed against the Tab on the Front Panel of the rack.
  2. Insert Skewers B through F in sequence by following instruction 2b through 2c.



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