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KonExcel is a committed to providing innovative grilling products that are aimed at making grilling easy, fun, and safe. We strive to deliver great quality products backed by excellent customer service.

Describe your product in 3 words.

Easy, Fun, Efficient

Where the idea for this product came from?

Most of us are well aware of the common issues the traditional kebab set, such as the off-balanced kebab rotate itself until the heavier side is on the lower side, also each skewer needs to be turned individually. This is not only tedious process but also takes long to grill all kebabs uniformly and safely. There are power driven kebab sets in the market that are very expensive and not portable. So, to tackle all these issues head-on, We came up with SkeweRack - a kabob set that is portable, safer, inexpensive, easier and fun to use.

What makes your product special?

Most unique feature of SkeweRack is that it allows to flip over six skewers simultaneously like a ‘domino effect’. It doesn’t require power and therefore can be used on grills and ovens. It is very durable and easy to clean. The flat and wider skewers keep the food from spinning when turned. Its taller rack avoids the kebabs from sticking to the grate.


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